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YouTube Milestone: 20,000 Subscribers - Miami, Fl - Singing Piano Player 

The long journey to 20,000 has finally come to an end. My YouTube channel is about to surpass 20,000 subscribers. Thank you to all who have been watching my videos for all of these years. Here are a few new covers recently uploaded to my channel. 

YouTube Milestone: 20,000 Subscribers - South Florida - Singing Pianist 

The long journey to 20,000 has finally come to an end. My YouTube channel is about to surpass 20,000 subscribers. Thank you to all who have been watching my videos for all of these years. Here are a few new covers recently uploaded to my channel. 

Singing Pianist - Miami, Florida: Post-pandemic events are back and better than ever. 

Figured it was about time to post a new blog on my page! The last entry was made nearly 4 years ago, before the world changed. Anyways, gigs are back in a big way in South Florida! Looking forward to performing throughout the year at various corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, etc. I've included some recent event photos below. 

South Florida's Top Wedding/Event Pianist & Singer - The Summer Slump?  

Unlike most of the country, summer in South Florida tends to slow down a bit when it comes to weddings, private parties, and other events. Many of the Snowbirds head back to the Northeast, families take vacations, and many just don't want to deal with the extreme heat, daily thunderstorms, and constant looming threat of a potential Hurricane. 

Thankfully, the parties did not stop in Miami. This past weekend I only had time to sleep in between back-to-back weddings. And THANKFULLY, they were both indoors! School is just about to get started again, and those Snowbirds are about to start making their way back down to Florida, as peak-event season begins. Looking forward to what will most definitely be a fantastic second half of 2019! 

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Below are some photo highlights from recent events:

South Florida's Top Pianist & Singer - Summer Is Upon Us 

It has been an incredible first half of 2019! I have been fortunate enough to perform at some of the most stunning venues across the state. I have also had the pleasure of working with some truly great people. I am looking forward to the upcoming corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, and various other gigs over the summer! 


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Attached are some recent photos from my favorite events over the past few months.

2019 Off To An Amazing Start! - South Florida's Top Corporate Event & Wedding Pianist/Singer  

It has been a fantastic January for gigs in Florida and beyond. Just last week, I was flown out to the island of Anguilla for a huge corporate event, at the stunning Reef By Cuisinart Resort. This month has also included some beautiful weddings in Key Largo, Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and across the South Florida area. Can't wait to see what the rest of 2019 has in store! 


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South Florida's Top Event Pianist/Singer - 2018: An Incredible Year In Review 

2018 has been nothing short of incredible. I have been lucky enough to have been a part of some amazing corporate events, weddings, holiday parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, etc. Thank you to all of the newlyweds, corporate event planners, and party planners for making this year one for the record books. Looking forward to what I am sure will be an even better 2019!


Photo highlights below:

South Florida's 2018 Wedding Season - Singing Pianist: 5-Star Reviews! 

Wedding season in Florida has been off-the-charts so far! I am thrilled to be performing nearly every weekend at various weddings, corporate events, and private parties throughout the state! Check out some of my most recent client reviews and photos below:

Weddings, weddings, & more weddings! - Florida's Premier Event Pianist/Vocalist 

Wedding season in South Florida is in full swing! I've had the pleasure of entertaining hundreds of wedding guests throughout the past few months. A big thanks to all of the brides, grooms, and wedding planners which have all been a pleasure to work with. I look forward to the many weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, and holiday parties to come over the next few months. 


Florida's Premier Event & Wedding Pianist/ Singer - "Snoop and a 3,000 mile move."  

The past few months have been incredible. I finally made the move back to my home town of Ft. Lauderdale, Fl where I am continuing my work performing for corporate events, weddings, etc. Before leaving Los Angeles, I had the amazing opportunity of performing on VH1's "Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party." The experience was surreal to say the least. 

Over the past month, I've played some amazing gigs throughout the state of Florida and look forward to the many scheduled performances yet to come!

South Florida Weddings, Corporate Events, & a National TV Appearance!  

It's been another busy couple of months, filled with weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, and a national TV appearance on Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles."  Below are some photos from various events which have taken place in the past couple of months:


Miami/Los Angeles Singing Pianist - House Birthday Party, Corporate Event - 5 Star Review! 

The month of September has been absolutely packed with gigs!

On 9/17, I was hired to perform for a 50th birthday party in Hollywood, CA. The man-of-honor and guests really knew how to party, spending hours and hours singing some of the all-time classic piano bar tunes. Here is their review of my performance: 

On 9/22, I was invited to perform for corporate event at a beautiful hotel in Long Beach, CA. The event was a big success! Below is a photo of my set-up, just before the guests began to arrive: 


Summer Wedding/Birthday/Anniversary Gigs - Los Angeles/Miami Pianist & Singer - 5-Star Review! 

It's been an amazing, yet very hot summer season thus far! While 100+ degree temperatures have been a challenge at times, the gigs themselves have been spectacular. Within the past month, I have been lucky enough to perform at a beautiful mountain-top wedding, various live music events, and a housewarming party. I have included some photo highlights below.

Updated 8.19.16 -  5-Star Review Added! 

Los Angeles Pianist/Singer - Poolside Birthday Party Gig 

Last Saturday, I was hired to perform pool-side at a beautiful home for a 40th birthday party. In addition to the incredible people there, I was lucky enough to perform with a spectacular view in front of me. Thank you Karen & Joe!

Los Angeles Pianist/Singer - House Graduation Party - 5 Star Review! 

This past Saturday evening I was asked to perform for a family celebrating their son's graduation from college. They were so welcoming and hospitable. We all had a great time singing along to some classic tunes!
Updated 6/30/16 - Newly submitted 5-Star review:
Here was my stage for the night!

Corporate Event, Wedding Singer, Party, Dueling Piano: High energy sing-along night!  

Another gig for the history books. Last night, I was hired to perform at a corporate event in Ojai, CA. Aside from the incredible scenery around me, the evening was just spectacular. The crowd of 40+ didn't stop singing along until we had to end the festivities due to noise restrictions in the surrounding neighborhoods. A riot almost ensued when I had to stop the performance! Overall, the evening was one to remember. Can't wait to play for these folks again in the future!