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Summer Wedding/Birthday/Anniversary Gigs - Los Angeles/Miami Pianist & Singer - 5-Star Review! 

It's been an amazing, yet very hot summer season thus far! While 100+ degree temperatures have been a challenge at times, the gigs themselves have been spectacular. Within the past month, I have been lucky enough to perform at a beautiful mountain-top wedding, various live music events, and a housewarming party. I have included some photo highlights below.

Updated 8.19.16 -  5-Star Review Added! 

Corporate Event, Wedding Singer, Party, Dueling Piano: High energy sing-along night!  

Another gig for the history books. Last night, I was hired to perform at a corporate event in Ojai, CA. Aside from the incredible scenery around me, the evening was just spectacular. The crowd of 40+ didn't stop singing along until we had to end the festivities due to noise restrictions in the surrounding neighborhoods. A riot almost ensued when I had to stop the performance! Overall, the evening was one to remember. Can't wait to play for these folks again in the future!